(Notes for the Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah)

عبر زقاق القرصان : من اليمن إلى الصومال بسفينة — Across Pirate Alley : From Yemen to Somaliland by Boat

More soon!

A story and some travel tips for that trip you’ve always been talking about.

Or, abiding by YouTube copyright restrictions:


  vladimir Vazhninkovsky wrote @

Wonderful video! gives that you-are-there feeling, coupled with that glad-I’m-not-there feeling. And that glad-not-to-spot-any-pirates feeling.

  Ed Krizek wrote @

Great video! How does it feel to be on a ship that’s older than you are? Glad you made the trip. Glad you arrived safely.

  Ninotchka wrote @

“So we’re all feeling pretty confident.” !
(then when problems develop)
“I once fixed a lawnmower”?!
Very funny narration. Wonderful music & rapport on board& on shore. You
gifted communicator. Finger in fish eye
memorably squeamish! Btw, how’d you get that aerial shot of Aden?

  Gina K. wrote @

Ah, the thrill of vicarious living! Once again, thanks for transporting us–this is a mesmerizing video! Great name, “Pirate Alley,” but glad they were frying other fish that day. Looking forward to reading the narrative.

  Rebecca wrote @

I’m very impressed with the video. What an experience! I agree with the person who said “Very funny narration.” I also think you beautifuly conveyed many of the feelings/moods that the voyage generated – funny, scary, interesting and otherwise. I also wanted to comment on your photos – I looked at the ones from Iraq/Kurdistan and they are wonderful. So many of them show the juxtaposition of war/daily life, decimation/beauty, etc. I especially loved your photos of the children. Your multi-media talents are awesome!

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