(Notes for the Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah)

Sri Lanka — ශ්රී ලංකාව — இலங்கை — سريلانكا

ශ්‍රී ලංකා

To view as slideshow, click the monkey.

Or read the whole story from Sri Lanka from the beginning.

Or, just scroll down. (Click photos to make ’em bigger.)

All photos ©


  Vladimir Vazhninkovsky wrote @

Stunning, gorgeous cornucopia of beautiful images!!!

  faithfulreader wrote @

Thanks for posting these beautiful images.

  Gina Kovarsky wrote @

What extraordinary photographs! What a rich narrative they provide of your travels, and all without words. Thank you so much for sharing them. (I have to say I love your writing, too.)

  007 wrote @

Excellent photographs!!!!!! love it thanks for it

  Justin Ames wrote @

You’re getting some great pictures. What kind of camera do you use?

  av2247 wrote @

It’s a real old Canon Digital Rebel — on its last legs now, giving me lots of blurry pics.

  Justin Ames wrote @

It may be old, but you’ve gotten some solid material with it…

I’ve gotten some of my best pictures with a little Sony Cybershot. People can get pretty touchy about pictures sometimes and a big camera and lens can make that situation worse. By contrast, the Sony is so small that people often don’t notice it.

Also, it is completely silent. So, I can casually place it on a table or in my hand and be snapping away and pretend like my mind is a million miles away. People have no idea they’re being photographed.

Oh, and the memory card is really easy to pop out in a hurry. So, when challenged, I have more than once presented a camera with no memory card as “proof” that I did not photography anything controversial.

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