(Notes for the Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah)


Welcome, dear reader.

Some of this won’t benefit with a closer reading. Some might, but I’m not asking that of you — I know you’re busy. If one post makes you want to go somewhere or see something or if it makes you have a feeling (or, if it makes you want to stay indoors acting like any of the marine mollusks from the subclass heterodonta), it is a success (to me). The blog is a success if it makes you get on a plane or have a conversation. The blog is a success if you learn something or think you did or impress a girl at a cocktail party.

The blog is a success if it makes you happy or if it makes you fill with sadness. Or if it makes you hungry.

The blog is a success if it makes you call your mother.

This is most purely an outlet for a recent college graduate to let out some of what is coming in. When nine to five is the wrong direction, us grads must try and make success elsewhere. This comes from the pressure to do something, do something, do something — and from the knowledge of the relief that follows from so doing. Of course, that is the catalyst for a great many things — like pooping. But the product here comes in a neater package and can be reused immediately. If what comes out of me can turn into something for you (please, stop thinking about pooping), that’s sustainability. And in these dark environmental times, no one can say that’s not important.

If I haven’t lost you yet, marvelous. If I have… LOOK OVER HERE! Now it’s all yours, explore as you will — there’s no right way to skin a blog.

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  ninotcka wrote @

you are one awesome, funny, wonderful writer! I can’t wait to read the first posting
from Abu Dhabi!

  MD wrote @

are you still working at NYUAD? Found you on xpat blog…I’m applying for a job there…curious. Thanks.

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