(Notes for the Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah)


A 23 year-old American from Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, schooled in New York, and living (as of August 24, 2010) in Abu Dhabi, UAE.  Written here is an exploration life and culture and language and stereotypes on the Arabian peninsula (and off it).

And the makings of a book of stories from the sites of revolution and the people whose lives continue despite the upheaval. What does a traveler find in the region so often deemed “off limits”? What are Middle East-West relations defined by at street level?

For representation or publication inquiries or sample materials, please contact here.


  Chase wrote @

Welcome to Abu Dhabi. 🙂

  Sachin wrote @

hi there, my name is Sachin Nambiar and i am a financial planning consultant.

i’d like to catch up with you to show you the kind of work i do.

Call me 050 9037084 or e-mail me…..

  gigi wrote @

cest hilariant!!! J’adore

  Jeff Todd wrote @


It came recommended from some colleagues. Nice photos and different layout.

I have added you to my links on the Home Page of

Let me know if you wish to formally link up and I’ll keep it on there.

Cheers, Jeff

  mani wrote @

bohat acha hai !!!

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