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!شكراً — Thank You!

“shukran: our way of saying thank you”

That isn’t your way of saying “thank you”, Emirates Bank, that’s how everyone says thank you over here. You guys are idiots.

But you guys (i.e. those who are reading this, and this) are awesome. So THANK YOU, and I hope that you will continue to have feelings about INGULFED in the next half of 2011.

This is a self portrait on camelback. The camel refused to have his image reproduced.

And remember, coming soon…

INGULFED: Season 2


Helipad — مهبط مروحية

From the Helipad above the 47th floor
Medinat Zayed / Khalidiya Neighborhoods
Abu Dhabi, UAE

The First iPhone Ever Made – في التأريخ iPhone اول

According to this undoctored photo, this phone is bordering on its 43d year. Having been running for three-hundred and seventy-six thousand four-hundred and ninety-one hours (and still ticking), it must certainly be the oldest iPhone in the world.

It would have been made in 1968, a leap year that started on a Monday.

الشيخ في التزلج على الرمال — Sandboarding Sheikh

Click to enlarge

(it’s me.)

On the dunes. In a dishdash.
Somewhere, Abu Dhabi, UAE


A man waiting outside the art galleries
Dubai International Financial Center
Dubai, UAE

Face of the Year — وجه العام

Poor man on the stone steps to the cave temple of Dambulla
Dambulla, Sri Lanka

Shadow Play — لعب الظل

People moving or not moving
Spots along the Corniche
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Black and White — أسود أبيض

Click to enlarge:

The Abu Dhabi skyline at night
(Canine vision)
Abu Dhabi, UAE

Lost — مفقود

Off in the desert
Qasr Al Sarab Resort
Liwa, UAE

Streaks — ضبابية

Above: A dhow
Below: A speedboat
Along the Corniche at night
Abu Dhabi, UAE

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