(Notes for the Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah)

Azerbaijan – Azərbaycan – أذربيجان

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Actor Brian Cox's doppleganger.

Look, seriously.

Read the Whole F*cking Story here


  Justin Ames wrote @

Interesting to see things from this side. We saw the other side this summer – Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh – and so I’ll have to use a different passport now to visit Azerbaijan…

  av2247 wrote @

Wow, did you travel from one to the other on the little corridor of Armenia they’ve made, or did you have some tricky visa solutions? (What was it like?)

  Justin Ames wrote @

Yes, we started out in Georgia and then cruised down to Armenia and got the Nagorno-Karabakh visa in Yerevan. From there, it is a drive of several hours south to the Lachin Corridor which takes one into NK. We had a great time in NK and the people were very friendly to us. I’m sure the people of Azerbaijan would disagree, but that was our experience…

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