(Notes for the Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah)

NEWS: An Immensely Important Discovery

Last weekend I went as far into Iran as an American passport would allow me. The week before, I left burning tires in Bahrain to traipse around northern Iraq looking for kebab and Neandertal bones. But from all this searching, I have found nothing quite as miraculous as what I witnessed last night. The most important discovery of this November — nay, of this entire year — is this:


It’s like a billy club designed by a vegan caveman.

Amazing. Happy Thanksgiving.


  soni holman fink wrote @

I would never dare go to Bahrain or Iran or Iraq or Pakistan or most of the miraculous, dangerous places you have so enchantingly reported on over the past year or more. However, timidly venturing no further than the Union Square Green Market in Manhattan, I have, in fact, beheld the wondrous Brussels Sprout clubs.

  mk wrote @

How are can you go into Iran with an American Passport?

  mk wrote @

Sorry for the typo…how far can you go into Iran with an American Passport?

  av2247 wrote @

Special organized tours notwithstanding, there are two free trade zones, Kish and Qeshm Islands, that let you in at the airport with a passport from anywhere (probably not Israel). More on that soon…

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