(Notes for the Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah)

Nut & Cream — بندق وكريمة لذيذة

Have any of you been thinking, this blog is too highbrow… too classy, I wish it would just sleeze-up a bit ?

No? Well… um. Shit. Too bad. No amount of good judgement will keep me from speaking out against what I believe to be a serious affront on the rights and dignity of Saudi women. And men. And possibly dishes.

Even the name in Arabic reads, “Nut and Delicious Cream”:
“All women love to be treated!”
“Sumptuous treats…”
“Lovingly created with rich nut oil!”
“It’s dessert for your skin!”

This insinuating handwash in its curvaceous bottle is deliberately misleading. Everything about it says that it’s loving and delicious, but even though the first ingredient is “Aqua (Water)”, the fine print says that it can’t be eaten. Typical for a country that does not allow women to drive and has only, begrudgingly, offered women the chance to participate in municipal elections… next time (in 2015).

These are social inequalities that cannot be fixed with cosmetics, no matter how delicious! The Gulf must stand together against the creamation of blemishes and the indoctrination of hand-washers! Spill Nut & Cream on the desert sands, so one day this land may be as soft and nourished looking as the hands that built it don’t.

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