(Notes for the Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah)

Face of the Year — وجه العام

Poor man on the stone steps to the cave temple of Dambulla
Dambulla, Sri Lanka


  Ninotchka wrote @

I do not know what I am seeing except that it is beautiful and perhaps also sad. A weathered handsome face
and bended frame. And you say, poor. Is that a tumor in his cheek or just a shape? Is he looking up at you or is he blind? Is that a kindness in his face, a hint of smile, or just what I wish to see? And yet there seems a calmness in his face and something uplifting in his furrowing brow that smooths into a field of white — hair and orb of light — and bended tree.

Perhaps it is someone’s father’s face or a face that might remind someone of his father….

  Janet Fink wrote @

AMAZING photo, Adam ! All my best–jan

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